June 27, 2016

What We Miss

Alaska was an amazing adventure and we got to experience so much.

What we miss:
  • The mountains - just so beautiful, especially with a little snow on top
  • Outdoor activities so close - hiking, biking, strolling, skiing (close enough for a day trip)
  • The wonderful summer weather - we had two great summers in a row, just lovely
  • The wildlife - so fun to see moose in your neighborhood or walking the sidewalks/streets
  • The snow - this is for Kallie.  She learned to love the snow and all the activities that go along with it.
  • Friends - we made some great friends and we will dearly miss them
What we will not miss:
  • The Cold!  Well, in 100+ degree weather we are wishing for Alaska weather
  • Driving on ice - even though we have winter tires, still nervous driving on snow/ice
  • The super long day to visit family - going anywhere out of state is such an ordeal
  • The SUN - crazy as it sounds, you really get tired of the sun in the summer (and dark in winter but it doesn't seem as bad)
  • All the exclusions (shipping, price deals, etc.).  No more * Excludes AK and HI!!

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