June 27, 2016

What We Miss

Alaska was an amazing adventure and we got to experience so much.

What we miss:
  • The mountains - just so beautiful, especially with a little snow on top
  • Outdoor activities so close - hiking, biking, strolling, skiing (close enough for a day trip)
  • The wonderful summer weather - we had two great summers in a row, just lovely
  • The wildlife - so fun to see moose in your neighborhood or walking the sidewalks/streets
  • The snow - this is for Kallie.  She learned to love the snow and all the activities that go along with it.
  • Friends - we made some great friends and we will dearly miss them
What we will not miss:
  • The Cold!  Well, in 100+ degree weather we are wishing for Alaska weather
  • Driving on ice - even though we have winter tires, still nervous driving on snow/ice
  • The super long day to visit family - going anywhere out of state is such an ordeal
  • The SUN - crazy as it sounds, you really get tired of the sun in the summer (and dark in winter but it doesn't seem as bad)
  • All the exclusions (shipping, price deals, etc.).  No more * Excludes AK and HI!!

11 Months

  • 20 pounds and 29 1/2 inches long.
  • Think Kallie shaking her head is hilarious and will shake your head and look at everyone for them to shake their heads too. 
  • Pointing with arm. 
  • Giving kisses more but not always on demand - too distracted. 
  • Like to drink from a cup, especially Daddy's. 
  • Starting to stand for a few seconds by yourself. 
  • Know "spit it out" and actually obey. 
  • Love crawling up the stairs and try to make a go for going down before you get caught. 
  • On 11 month birthday started taking  a few steps and will usually always try to walk to Daddy. 
  • Wave bye bye.
  • First word:  Ball

10 months

Chickenpox!  Yuck.  You came down with a case of chicken pox but you were a trooper.  You started pushing toys around and can walk with an alligator clacker and train.  You will also let go of furniture and step to us.  You know "no" but you just smile at us and keep going for what you want.  You're a handful.  You know all done too and get mad when we don't get you out of the high chair right away.

9 months

Weighs 17 lbs (9%) and 29 inches long (76%).  He can clap his hands!!  He just started doing that after his 8 month birthday.  It's really sweet to see.  And he started to sleep through the night or at least I know he can!  A little regression with teething and sickness, but there is hope!  He loves food - primarily cheese, yogurt, fruit, crackers and baby Cheetos.  Working on more vegetables but just not that interested.  Feeding yourself almost all the time now.  He yanked a chair on top of his face this month too and had a huge bruise on his forehead.  He will give kisses too but not quite on demand,  he gets too distracted.  We are working on waving bye bye too.  He finally got through all the yucky sick virus stuff and is back to sleeping through the night.  He will cruise around furniture no problem and absolutely loves being outside.  He gets so excited (screams) when you reach for the door handle to go outside.

8 Months

He is an expert super fast crawler, pops into sitting position and pops up to standing with no problems.  He is starting to take steps around tables or chairs.  He is really starting to talk and say Mamamama and Dadadadada.  He says Mamamama when something happens that upsets him and crawls over to me to be picked up.  It's sweet to think he wants me though I don't think he knows I'm Mama.  He likes to pull up on chairs and bop around.  Not sleeping through the night yet again but getting closer, I think.  Just wakes up once a night and has gotten better about drinking milk.  We are working on a sippy cup now.  We've taken a few wagon rides and he loves them!  One more tooth came through and looks like one is on the way.  He is still so happy and a delight to us all.

7 Months Old

We are settling into life in TX and before you know it, Ramsey is turning 7 months old.  And Kallie is only 2 months away from her 4th birthday!!

He weighs 16.5 lbs. and is 27 inches long.  Ramsey's skills have exploded.  He is now sitting up by himself, crawling everywhere (and getting into everything) and is pulling up to standing.  He is starting to try to climb, too.  I didn't think it was supposed to happen so fast.  He doesn't like to be left alone, so he will often crawl to wherever you are and sit at your feet (and maybe whine a little).  He is very curious about everything and wants to see, touch and taste it all.  He's eating like a champ and would rather chew than be fed by a spoon and he's not much interested in milk.  He loves to drink out of your cup, though.  He got two more teeth this month, a top tooth and one more for the bottom.  Still not sleeping through the night, sigh, hopefully one day...  He loves to be outside and loves water.  Splashing in the pool water was a delight!  I have a feeling he is going to be all boy!

1/2 a Year

I've got some old posts coming but finally able to upload pictures....

Ramsey is now 6 months old!  Weights 14 lbs. 13 oz. and 26 3/4 inches long.  Finally looks like he is growing and is stretching those footy pajamas to the max - time to move up a size.  OK, maybe not putting on the pounds (7%) but he is getting longer.

He's such a joy! He's been acting like he's teething and chewing on everything he gets his hands on including his hands.  He started off the month spinning around in circles on his belly to get what he wants but now he's moved to an army crawl and will even get on his hands and knees rocking ready to move.  Kallie's things are no longer safe from his reach.  He can sit up by himself for short periods of time.  Loves food still.  Sleeping better during nap time but still waking up once a night.  He's got a great attitude though!  (Almost) always smiling and laughing.  They love him at daycare!

He's a cutie pie!