June 27, 2016

8 Months

He is an expert super fast crawler, pops into sitting position and pops up to standing with no problems.  He is starting to take steps around tables or chairs.  He is really starting to talk and say Mamamama and Dadadadada.  He says Mamamama when something happens that upsets him and crawls over to me to be picked up.  It's sweet to think he wants me though I don't think he knows I'm Mama.  He likes to pull up on chairs and bop around.  Not sleeping through the night yet again but getting closer, I think.  Just wakes up once a night and has gotten better about drinking milk.  We are working on a sippy cup now.  We've taken a few wagon rides and he loves them!  One more tooth came through and looks like one is on the way.  He is still so happy and a delight to us all.

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